Revolution started, more to come!

Kim Allen

Are you mad?? I mean really mad!!!  Can’t find work? Lost your house? No medical insurance? Can’t sleep? Blaming the Democrats or the Republicans? Blaming congress? Blaming the president?  Frustrated?

I want you to stop reading this post, get up out of your chair, find a mirror. Now you are looking at the person to blame. If you voted for the incumbent politician in the last election you have no one to blame but yourself.  If you didn’t vote or believe that your vote doesn’t make a difference you have no one to blame but yourself. 

Political pundits like to tell everyone running for elective office, “never berate the voter”. Guess what, I’m going to blast the voter and if I’m the only one to vote for me, so be it.

            When I write Republican or Democrat I’m only referring to their political types, not the every day voter. Some of my best friends belong to one or the other of these parties. Then again if you vote a straight Republican ticket or straight Democratic ticket you should consider yourself a sheep for blindly voting like this and are the biggest part of the problem.

 The start of the revolution to take back America for the people is this year and its not the Republicans or Democrats who are going lead. These parties want to keep the status quo so corporations and individuals looking for favors can give lots of money to their campaigns. 

The states that are controlled by Republicans will, in the next two years, past restrictive measures on voters and voter registration. The Republicans will continue eroding the guarantee civil liberties of all American citizens by passing laws as to who you can associate with, when you can associate, where you can associate, and why you can associate.

You may ask yourself how this could happen? Easy, keep sending the incumbent back to office. Be a sheep, then you can ring your hands like the Democrats and stick you head in the sand.


Think about what you would do to change your situation and send a post to me.